Selecting high-power pin-and-sleeve connectors
Most of the products that we use each day at home and at work have standard plugs for power entry. In North America, the most common plug is a NEMA 5-15P which is rated at 15 A/125 Vac. There are several international plug standards-such as the widely utilized German-style CEE 7-used at a variety of ratings up to 16 A/250 Vac.

  Wire-to-wire connectors carry up to 40 A
The MXL150L wire-to-wire connectors support wire sizes of 12, 10, and 8 AWG and carry up to 40 A. The connectors feature two independent terminals and are designed in a 7.62-mm-pitch housing.

  Flat power connectors offer 45 A per contact
Available in straight and right-angle configurations, a line of flat power connectors connect pc boards and offer up to 45 A per contact. The connectors feature a hot-pluggable contact system that can handle a load up to 35 A.

  Plug connector offers power distribution
The Duplicon stackable plug-connector system that provides continuous power distribution in large-scale machinery and systems. The plug connector provides uninterrupted communication from the mounting rail in the control cabinet.

  Small power connectors carry up to 8 A
Available in heights of 1, 2, 9, and 10 mm (male version) and 4, 6, 8, and 10 mm (female version), the MicroSpeed Power Module connectors carry up to 8 A at 20°C. The power connectors feature a 2.0-mm contact pitch and three-point double-beam female contacts.

  Power connector suits ATCA Zone 1 apps
Featuring eight Size 16 contacts and twenty-two Size 22 contacts, the ATCA Power Connector suits Zone 1 applications. The power connector features gold-over-nickel plating at the contact interface and tin-plating on pc-board terminals.

  Power connector handles up to 85 A
The HCI connector system accommodates up to 85 A based on a 30°C temperature rise with zero airflow, suiting the connector for high-wattage power supplies, servers, storage enclosures, and hot-swap redundant n 1 PDUs.

  Connector system suits up to 3,000-V apps
Highly variable, the HVS connector system offers a choice of more than 25 different connector modules. Modules can accept cables with diameters up to 120 mm2.

  Power connector handles up to 600 V, 55 A
The M40 Powerfast power connector handles up to 600 V and 55 A, suitable for powering a 30-hp dc motor or 55-hp three-phase ac motor.

  Power I/O connector handles 50 A per contact
The Pwr TwinBlade power I/O connector system carries up to 50 A per contact. Offered in right-angle and straight cable exit options, the connector supports wire sizes of 6 and 10 AWG.

  Specifying cable for your next design
Designers working on products involving cables may find themselves faced with a multitude of considerations before making a cable specification. It's often a good idea to identify some of the major deciding factors before proceeding: for instance, whether the final product is destined for domestic (North American) or international use. From there it's possible to determine whether cable is needed at all, and then to analyze which type or types of cable may be necessary.

  Trends in high-performance power interconnects
Modern electronic packaging and performance trends have significantly influenced the way power interconnect systems are designed. Packaging trends and customer requirements have become increasingly more demanding, to the point where traditional standard power connectors are usually no longer acceptable alternatives. Instead, designs resulting from modular assembly of components and subsystems, highly flexible customer/field-replaceable units, and high-power-density application-specific-rated products are now becoming the norm to satisfy the final application requirements.

  Product Roundup: Wire and cable
The following products serve to illustrate some of recent developments in wire and cable.

  Specifying high-performance cables
In today's world of sophisticated electronics, cable failure is not an option. There is no acceptable level of downtime, and no one can afford to replace expensive machinery years before its predicted lifespan—especially when profit margins are razor thin and competition is breathing down your neck from all four corners of the world.

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